About Pharmacy Technicians


Pharmacy Technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists to perform technical duties in the systematic operation of the pharmacy by providing health-care services and medications to patients. Technicians may perform operational and technical duties as pharmacists; however, a pharmacist must check all of a technician’s work before medicine can be dispensed to a patient. In addition, any issue involving professional judgment must be referred to the pharmacist. This program will provide you with the skills needed to obtain an entry-level position in most cases. We do not provide direct job placement services, but our instructors will help you and are available to give advice on finding your first job. Potential students are encouraged to do research on the job market in your area before registering.

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Compounding (measuring, weighing, and mixing) medicinal drugs
  • Preparing and labeling medicines
  • Filling bottles and capsules with the correct quantity of medicine
  • Issuing medicines to customers
  • Stocking and taking inventory of prescription and over the counter medications
  • Maintaining patients' medication profiles on computerized or written records or forms
  • Filling orders for unit doses and prepackaged pharmaceuticals
  • Preparing insurance claim forms

Depending on the position, the technician may also manage third party billing, answer telephones, direct customers to items or to the pharmacist for medication consultation, receive written prescriptions, clean and sterilize dispensing bottles and instruments, answer questions regarding location of non-drug products, and operate a cash register. Since Pharmacy Technicians interact daily with co-workers, patients, and health-care professionals, good communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

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