Program Costs

Estimated Program Cost:

Check the SRJC Fees Schedule for current tuition and fees. The approximate cost for program-related expenses including tuition, background and drug screenings, skills kits, parking fees, books, health services fees, and supplies is $600-$900 per semester. This estimate does not include the elective course Pharmacy 157 and Pharmacy 157 L ~ Inpatient IV Training and Clinical Rotations Elective.

All are estimate approximations.
This information is provided to prospective students to help them make a better, more informed decision about this certificate program. The following is the CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) Code and accompanying description for this certificate program: 

CIP Code: 51.0805 
CIP Program Description: Pharmacy Technician/Assistant 
The following lists the ONET Code and ONET Title (SOC) for occupations related to this program 
25-1071.00 - Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary 
29-2052.00 - Pharmacy Technicians 

ID Badge: Two 
Pharmacy Program Background and Drug Screening: One at approximately $85 
 Estimated costs for books and supplies: $500 
Total Estimate for California Resident: $1800 to $2900 

Note: These program costs may change - the information on this page is updated annually with the most currently available information. The estimate for costs of books and supplies is not specific for each program, but instead includes the per semester financial aid budget for books and supplies for all SRJC full-time students. 

Non-residents of California and international students will have higher enrollment fees. 

Completion Time:

Normal (i.e. minimal) time to completion (in months): 9 
This timeline is typically based on full-time attendance, but may vary by program according to course offerings.